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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the shift towards remote work has become a defining trend, opening up new possibilities for companies to harness global talent. Coordea emerges as a strategic player, introducing its innovative Extended Office Model to facilitate this transformative journey for both businesses and professionals.

Our Extended Office Model provides a unique solution by connecting Nordic companies with the exceptionally agile and skilled professionals in the Balkans. This bridge not only transcends geographical boundaries but also creates a symbiotic relationship where companies can grow rapidly while professionals gain access fantastic career opportunities.

The beauty of Coordea’s approach is its commitment to staying up-to-date of the latest business trends. By seamlessly integrating with the advancements in cloud services and videoconferencing technology, Coordea ensures that the collaboration between companies and remote teams is not only efficient but also future-proof. The result is a win-win situation, where businesses thrive by leveraging a limitless workforce, while professionals experience increased flexibility in their work arrangements.

In the interconnected world of Coordea, connectivity and collaboration are the cornerstones. The company acts as a catalyst for global growth, fostering an environment where talent and innovation unite to shape the future dynamics of remote work. By breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of unity among remote teams, Coordea paves the way for a future where geographical constraints no longer limit the potential of businesses and professionals alike.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, Coordea stands as a beacon of progress, transforming the way companies operate and professionals pursue their careers in an era where connectivity knows no bounds. The outsourcing model we offer becomes not just a service but a revolution, propelling businesses into new dimensions of success while empowering individuals to thrive in the ever-expanding landscape of remote work.

Areas of remote workforce
services often requested


Known to be the “language of business”, accounting is Coordea’s flagship service. Our accountants are detail-oriented professionals with experience in services such as accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable, monthly financial statement preparation, payroll services, daily deposit verification, cash and credit reconciliation, business support, and other related administrative services.

To deliver high-class accuracy, our accountants are always keeping up with the ever-changing regulations and best accounting practices.


The IT sector is one of the most rapidly expanding industries on the corporate landscape. Fully embracing the advantages of digitalization, it has become a prominent part of the business operations on a global scale.

Our IT team consists of professionals with proven record of proficiency in web, mobile and software development, database control, QA and testing, ERP/CRM software maintenance, network management, system administration, e-commerce management, etc.


By blending visual imagination with demonstrated graphic design knowledge and hands-on experience, our talented graphic design artists can help you get your brand’s message across in a creative and memorable way.

They are skilful in crafting modern and eye-catching visuals such as product design, catalogues, magazines, corporate brochures, promo videos, animated videos, ad design, web design, brochures, logos, social media banners, infographics, print design, and other marketing visuals.


With the rise of the internet and digitalization, digital marketing is likewise among one of the most rapidly growing industries at the moment. Our marketers are creative and agile professionals who always keep up with the latest trends and best practices on the marketing landscape.

Being in charge of turning companies into brands, they have strong expertise in social media marketing, content and SEO, email marketing, display advertising, database management and lead generation.


Sales represents a bridge among your services/products and your potential customers. Having in mind the importance of that responsibility, our sales wizards are customer-oriented professionals with a do–not-give-up-mindset who are always aiming to achieve excellence in generating sales leads, data management and expansion, prospecting, opening new opportunities, customer support, and closing deals.

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to delivering unparalleled value, ensuring that every interaction with our dedicated sales team is a step towards mutually beneficial and enduring partnerships.


Logistics management is an integral part of the supply chain industry. Our team members who specialize in this field are hard-working, dedicated, efficient, and attentive executives with a demonstrated track record of import/export customs clearance, coordination, and monitoring supply chain operations, supplier/customer support, optimization of logistics IT procedures, order supervision, inventory management and design for logistics. 


We tailor your extended office or remote teams to function as a natural part of your organization. We offer support in specific areas where you need to expand and develop. We provide you with a pool of young professionals from which you can choose your own team.

Based on your preferences, there are three ways you can manage your remote teams:

Your team together with a dedicated team leader in one of our remote offices.

Your team in our offices in the Balkan and your team leader in one of our offices in Stockholm or Helsinki.

Your team in one of our remote offices and a team leader in your office.


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