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about us

The foundations of Coordea were set in 2009 with the initial idea of offering outsourcing accounting services covering the Swedish business landscape. By solidifying its position in the outsourcing industry in Sweden and a keen focus on supporting the needs of our clients, Coordea diversified its offerings to encompass a comprehensive range of outsourcing solutions and laid the groundwork for the other departments with offices in the Balkans: IT, marketing, graphic design, sales, and logistics.

Today, Coordea is a leading outsourcing powerhouse supporting hundreds of small, mid and large enterprises all over the Nordics. While our core departments excel in meeting the predominant demands of our clients, we go above and beyond, extending our support to fields beyond our traditional expertise.

Driven by a vision to leave a remarkable footprint on the business outsourcing landscape, we are passionately committed to supporting the growth and optimization of small, midsize, and large enterprises in the Nordics. Our mission is to provide high-quality remote workforce services, enabling our clients to scale and thrive. 

Through the strength and professionalism of our team, we aim to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking excellence in a remote workforce environment. 


Wallingatan 37 NB,

111 24 Stockholm, Sweden

P: +46 (0) 8 122 910 68

Office representative:

Svetozar Serafimovski

Ilindenska no.2-2/1 GTC-Aneks,

1200 Tetovo, Macedonia,

P: +389 (0) 44 37 77 29

P: +389 (0) 44 33 52 21

Office representative:

Zoran Ilikj

Maksim Gorki no. 13,

1000 Skopje, Macedonia

P: +389 (0) 2 322 33 24

Office representative:

Zoran Ilikj

Workery East, Pasilan asema-aukio 1, 00520,

Helsinki, Finland

P: +358 201 983 460

Office Representative:

Mikko Virmasalo

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