Order Management and Kitchen Project Drawing Specialist

5 March, 2018

We are announcing three new open positions in Order Management and Kitchen Project Drawing as our client is expanding their DOL department (Drawing, Order, Logistics). The work will take place in our Tetovo or Skopje office, but the first few training months will be situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

Your professional background can vary extensively as many of the tasks are unique to the company and/or kitchen industry. You could have a degree in a given technical faculty, economics, or design, and still be able to apply if you meet the following expectations:

► Fluency in English and being able to communicate freely with the client for their everyday business needs.
► Being comfortable with computers and learning new software. Knowledge of Microsoft Office package is a good start. Experience in 3D-modelling programs and design software such as Rhino, AutoCAD, CARAT and/or Winner design gives an advantage but is not a requirement for the position.
► Personal traits such as attention to detail, striving to improve your work being thorough and careful, even stubborn at times is an advantage. Critical thinking is crucial.
► Ease and willingness to learn is highly important, as the work covers many different areas. Team members will work closely with each-other, so it’s essential to be able to work efficiently in a team, while taking great responsibility for your part of the work.


The DOL department’s main tasks are:

► Draw kitchen projects in Compusoft’s design software Winner to assist the sales personnel
► Check kitchen solutions and their mount-ability/completeness when a kitchen is sold.
► Order kitchen furniture, appliances, worktops and such.
► Plan transports from Germany to Sweden, and deliveries to end customers.
► Process remedial orders.

The work position is full-time with a progressive salary plan. Training period is also included in the plan.

► If interested, send your CV to: career@coordea.com.
► Application deadline: 19th of March, 2018

Applications are reviewed in the order in which they arrive, and we will close the opening as soon as we find the right candidate. We advise all applicants to APPLY as early as possible.