Zorica Ivanova Showcase

Seven years ago, I started my first job ever, at Coordea. The same week I met my, then, boyfriend. At dinner parties, when people are asking us to tell the story of how we started dating, my now-husband and father of my daughter loves to mention Coordea. He claims to have been my lucky charm when getting the job, but it might as well have been the other way around!

Before this job, I had no working experience, so I was careful not to have too many expectations when joining Coordea. Therefore, at first, my expectations were very general: I expected a job that could help me gain experience and provide a steady income to boost my independence. However, when I was hired, I started growing, and very soon I was able to contribute with my own ideas which gave me a lot of personal satisfaction. I had fun while learning, which I think is important for any beginner to have, to be able to learn.

I started as an accounting assistant for a client as a part of a multi-disciplinary team that included accounting, logistics, graphic design, IT support, and Key Account Managers. I can say that team spirit is one of the main characteristics of Coordea. Our team evolved, we learned from each other, and about each other, which contributed to even more interesting and fun business trips, collegial gatherings, and educational meetings. And by coordinating our responsibilities, we developed great teambuilding skills, which today helps me in my position as an International Accountant, having the responsibilities for order management, with a focus on the field of logistics. I believe that success comes from finding the right balance between being happy where you are, and how far you’ve come while at the same time pushing yourself to go further, to make space to grow as an individual and on a professional level. I can only say that my work experience at Coordea was essential for the development of my career and for being the professional I am today. I gained confidence and independence and my expectation even exceeded while being a part of a lovely team that always provides support and guidance.

Today it gives me satisfaction that I am able to pass on my knowledge and experience to younger colleagues while continuing to work on my own knowledge. I am also very proud that throughout the years I have met and worked with extraordinary people and clients. And we also have a lot of fun! For example, in our internal communication within the team, we often call each other by nicknames, but it happens that we call a colleague by their nickname in front of a client, which then we explain to our clients and laugh all together. I think that the major advantage of gaining work experience at Coordea is the multi-disciplinary teams consisting of young professionals with fresh creative ideas, the opportunity to work with foreign and international companies, the possibility to grow as a professional, and the stimulating team-building atmosphere both inside and outside the office.

I would advise younger and aspiring future colleagues to believe in themselves and their capabilities, to never lose the curiosity to learn something new, and most importantly, to not forget to lift the spirit when things go slow or mistakes happen, because solving everyday problems is the most organic way to develop expertise in a specific field.

Last but not least, here are some fun facts about me: I was a soprano singer in one of the most awarded Macedonian choirs for 6 years! We sang versions of classical choir songs as well as our own versions of popular songs. Today, my main creative outlets are the hours spent with my daughter drawing and painting, when I re-discover my passion for arts and crafts. My daughter and I enjoy creating DIY home projects and origami.