Nenad Hristoski Showcase

Let me tell you about my weird career path. Around 12 years ago I went on an interview for a Sales job, and I was the top candidate in the process for the company hiring. I only needed to answer one more simple question before entering the career as a Salesperson – I needed to tell something about myself, and at that moment I simply froze and couldn’t speak a word. Therefore, I didn’t get it.  

So how did my career path change direction? Shortly after the interview for the sales position, I got the opportunity to work in a printing house in Tetovo. I took the opportunity and turned it to my advantage. I had basic knowledge of graphical design at that time, but I never thought this would turn into my life career. I quickly switched workplace and started at another printing house, where I had an enormous daily workflow, which gave me no time to work on my graphical skills and I had no time to explore, learn or go into details. I was working as I was in a one-man show. However, I got to learn more technical parts of being a graphical designer, and I am today thankful for the working experiences at the printing companies which led me to the position at Coordea.  After that, my career path finally led to a position that I am proud of today, proud to say that I am a successful Graphic Designer although I have one more talent – I can sing!  

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that every connection made is made with a purpose. But I believe that we also need to work hard to get where our path is taking us. My way to success is defined by “Make the next project better than the previous one!”  When I joined Coordea 8 years ago, I still had a habit of working alone at a high work rate. However, here things were different as I had to learn to work in a team, and also the workflow was not to make the most of the time, but to make the best of the time. Here the only way to learn is by making something together with the team and doing it with quality and creativity. I was lucky to have two great designers next to me, Ivan and Semi, from whom I have learned a lot and they from me. We grew together, become better together.   

Therefore, I would say that the best thing about working at Coordea is the working culture, where all learn from each other and work together towards the intended goal. However, I especially like the “Thank you” moment even for the smallest things and the opportunities to travel and meet people all around the world.  

I often imagine Coordea as if it has been existing for 25 years, even though it has been only 12 years from its existence. I am a firm believer that the working culture of Coordea works great, and to our youngest members of the Coordea family I’d tell this – enjoy, learn, have fun, be grateful and give your best to create a brighter and prosperous future.   

To aspiring future talents – do not wait, join us!