Tanja Trpevska Showcase

I am a sports person, or I used to be, but I still keep a positive mental mind and sports habits. At a younger age, I was attending almost every sports activity. I tried volleyball, basketball, running, skiing, gymnastics, etc. Every year I trained in different sports, and my dream was to be a famous sports player, however, that didn’t happen.  

Everyone defines success differently and, therefore, it is a relative thing. It can be having a great family or a good relationship, it can also be having a lot of money, but for all, I would say that success is what you define for yourself, and no one can understand your success better than you. Success is always doing your best, working hard, and getting out of your comfort zone. Success is also learning every day, learning how to be professional in your work, how to be a good leader, motivator, mentor, a good listener, and a good co-worker.   

Before I joined Coordea, I didn’t know much about the company. I only knew that people working here were doing “something” for Swedish companies. In fact, in all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect about the place, I only knew that I had great ambitions to be working. From this point of view, I am very happy that I got the chance to join Coordea – something I have never regretted.   

Speaking of that, I joined Coordea about 6 years ago. I was lucky to meet the CEO of the company on my second interview with whom I had a very pleasant and unusual outdoor work interview. I will never forget my first steps walking into the office where I was warmly welcomed and greeted.   

I started as an International Accountant for a client, and today I work with the same client, but as a Senior International Accountant. This is my biggest accomplishment and my definition of success as I have upgraded my knowledge in economics and accounting these past years – and I am still learning! The main point I have learned working at Coordea is to focus on the solution and not on the problem itself.  

I work in a team of two people, me as a Senior International Accountant and my colleague Ivana as an International Accountant for a client that operates in the Real Estate industry or as called in Swedish, Fastighetsförvaltningen. We are responsible for the whole accounting for this client and together battle everyday activities such as financial reports, wages, and final year reports.   Coordea is more than an open space to work in. We are working in the office locally, but we act and work globally! What I like the most is the positive and challenging work atmosphere, which helps everyone to grow professionally. I also like that the office manners are affected by the fact that we learn about new cultures which also improved our own cultural habits by using more phrases like “thank you”, “sorry” or “can you help me”. This has taught us to accept and manage critics and suggestions from colleagues or team leaders – something that ultimately helps us to grow both professionally and personally, but most of all it makes us all equal in the office in the decision-making process. Working at Coordea means facing new challenges, new projects, many video calls, and solving different problems, but this makes my day fly by very fast which for me is a fulfilling feeling. I won’t lie – going on business trips to Swedish is also very exciting!  

To future and current juniors at Coordea I would first say that they should believe in themselves and always know what they want and fight for that. Remember, fight with honesty, knowledge, hard work, and commitment. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. At Coordea our main motto is “sharing is caring”, so we will do our best to help.   

Be professional and be proud to be part of the Coordea team!