Saranda Arifi Showcase

I am a combination of an adaptive perfectionist, ambitious, highly driven by passion and a detail-oriented minded person who always wants to make sure that does not just deliver, but over-delivers. All of this, topped with a naturally conversational side and an ultimate fair-playing style. 

In 2017, I applied for an Administrative Accounting position at Coordea. I was more than sure that I wanted to join this company. However, after several interviews and written tests, the Founder, Goran Cvetanovski, of one of the biggest clients of Coordea, Hyperight, offered me a higher position – the one of event producing. I was both extremely thrilled and over pressed at the same time, because my potential was triggered in a fierce way – and this, for an adaptive perfectionist, is a huge responsibility. I spent the first months reading and learning a lot about the world of Data and AI, the hottest trends of the century, and immediately after 3 months, I attended the first event.  

When I started working for this client, the company was preparing for the third edition of its flagship event – the Data Innovation Summit. From 300 delegates in 2016, the event has grown to become the biggest Data & AI Event in the Nordics, and one of the most influential Data/AI events, globally, where the newest and the most innovative Data/AI projects, strategies, and technologies are presented, with 2000+ delegates and online viewers from more than 50 countries. We are now working in the Premier League of event organizing industry and I passionately represent its name in the position of Editorial Director. 

By meeting and talking to the people behind the modern success, I realized even more how privileged I was to be in that circle. Gradually, I started to love all the great inventions happening in this field, and after only a few months, I was directly involved in producing the Maintenance Analytics Summit. Through Coordea, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most brilliant minds in the above-mentioned fields, and that is by far, a project I am more than proud to be part of. I just came back from a one-week trip to Stockholm, after successfully executing the 6th hybrid edition of the Data Innovation Summit, in which after two and a half years, we opened up the onsite events, the first event of this scope to open up after the pandemics. For me, these achievements are enshrined in my success portfolio.  

Having an adaptive perfectionist nature requires a solid environment where quality, fairness and hard-work pays off, and Coordea is exactly the one. When I applied, I hoped to find an environment that is pleasantly sociable, puts high emphasis on standards and procedures, ensures that deadlines and certain employee boundaries are met – and today, I am more than proud to affirm all of the above. Not to mention the trips to Sweden, which can only enrich and broaden your professional business profile, by working in a culture that is considered to have respected workstyle and ethical standards worldwide, and yes, some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.   

My duties include being involved in the overall intellectual creation, development, execution of existing and brand-new conferences, project planning, project management and content strategy. The successful implementation of project management is based on a solid and high level of teamwork. I work in close cooperation with all the Departments of the company, in order to ensure that the daily tasks are met successfully. This includes daily talks and meetings with the Sales, Marketing, Operations and Design Department. Altogether, we work on tackling daily tasks and monitoring the movements of our market. I am lucky to have a great team to work with, which itself vows for successful project implementation. If you have set high goals for yourself, you better ensure that you will stand true to them by constantly working on improvement. I am a firm believer that sowing or embracing good fear is helpful. It ensures that you constantly deliver at your best, you are never satisfied with the results, and that you always improve for the better. There will always be a crisis next door, which you cannot predict if you let loose in the success room. In his memoir ‘Swimming Across’, Andy Grove (One of my business role models) concluded with this line: “I am still swimming”, and that has become my mantra. Perfection isn’t possible, but what’s important is to keep moving forward, get better and never stop “swimming”. 

For the next generation in Coordea, I have something to say:
Never be afraid to push your boundaries, you never know how much potential you hold within you. In my case, I was lucky enough to come across a true visionary that could recognize the hidden potential in me, and I am more than certain that this can be the case with many others. The first carving is very important, and Coordea offers the best of training and experience, especially if you are in the first steps of your career. Coordea is a multicultural company, with a multiplier that amplifies success.