Natasha Cvetkoska Showcase

Let me share something fun about myself. When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a designer. I sewed dresses for my dolls, and I got creative designing dresses for myself as I got older. But I guess it was only a childhood game. Nowadays I am creative with numbers instead.

My journey in accounting started as early as in high school. I felt really passionate about economy and what the accounting lessons had to offer. I then knew that I wanted to turn this passion into a career, so I started my studies at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, in the class for Financial Management. Later on, while working in accounting in a local company in Skopje, I was offered to join a more challenging and exciting environment. This is when I started my journey at Coordea.

My definition of success is everything that makes a person proud. Success is not something that can be built over a night. It takes effort, commitment, patience. At the end of a working week, the moment you feel that you have accomplished everything you planned for in a satisfying way, then you have succeeded. In my opinion, a truly accomplished day is when you can say that you have learnt something new at the end of it.

After two years at Coordea, I got the opportunity to start working with a new client. My job was to take over their process of transferring the clients accounting work to Coordea. I did not realize how big this work was until it was completed, and I could see how big of accomplishment I had gained during the process. It included many challenges from a work perspective and a social perspective as I got to meet a lot of new people from Sweden and experience the Swedish culture when going on business trips to Stockholm. I also received an award with a certificate for being the most committed senior in Accounting on the 10-year Coordea Birthday Gala. The award means a lot to me, which is why it’s the moment and accomplishment that I am most proud of during my career at Coordea.

Together with my biggest accomplishment, I can say that my role within the company is to make the most out of my time in the office, to upgrade my accounting knowledge and to continue helping out with client needs by providing high-quality service. I feel that Coordea has done some really inspiring work during the years that motivates me to continue on the inspirational road together with Coordea and continue doing work that clients can feel safe and trusted with. On a business journey, you do not always do things that you are proud of. I believe that every person does make mistakes during their working career, and I want to share my moment of embarrassment. I accidentally called a female customer Mister on an official email conversation once, which is a fun memory but an embarrassing one.

The best thing about working at Coordea is that we get to feel the successfully transferred Swedish spirit in our offices. However, my biggest challenge was to learn the Swedish language, which later added up to the accounting knowledge that I gained while working here. From this perspective, I feel that my working place is much different from others locally and this makes Coordea special to me. From the moment I started my career, I can only say that Coordea continues to help me grow and learn everything there is to learn to be able to handle the tasks without any difficulties, and with the assistance of many experienced colleagues by my side.

Therefore, I would like to give some words of advice for aspiring Coordea future talents. As a new colleague joining the company, you will feel the really friendly oriented atmosphere straight away. Your colleagues will always be eager to share their knowledge with you and increase the value of the team. This is the place to be if you are a recent graduate who wants to build a successful career or a person who wants to be part of a positive and experienced environment in a fast-growing company.

And remember, hard work and fun times leads to great results in Coordea.

A little secret between you and me, my hidden talent is actually baking delicious muffins, and I prefer the chocolate ones.