Tomislav Acevski Showcase

1) How did your Coordea story start?
Three and a half years ago, I was looking for a new career challenge. Back then I was working at a call centre company, and I simply needed something more daring and professional, so knocking on Coordea´s door turned to be a great choice.


2) What inspired you to apply to Coordea?
I got inspired by the idea of being located in Macedonia, and yet have such a responsibility of working for a client located in Stockholm – a client with global ambitions and working with majority of the most innovative Technology and industry giants in the world. And that is what is exciting with Coordea´s remote workforce model – work locally but serve globally.


3) Give me a weird fact about yourself?
I am a long-distance runner and running enthusiast. It is something in private life that has fulfilled me enormously for the past 5 years. I also love learning languages. English is the closest to my heart.

4) What are you most proud of?
There is a saying in Hyperight -“Always be Closing or Always be Complaining”. You can choose who you as a person want to be – the first or the second. Hard work, professional hunger, accountability for your work and decisions, persistence, dedication, strong leadership skills are probably what I would like to be recognized by. And it is something that I work hard to improve on everyday basis and probably proud of. It is important to mention that cherishing personal successes has always a valuable importance to our mind and soul, but no maturity or experience is built on only a few of them, so the hard work is a never-ending cycle.


5) When you tell people about your job what’s one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do?
What excites them the most is, the fact that they cannot understand how we can all be seated in a spacious office in Tetovo, and yet do business with some of the biggest and most influential revenue-generating organisations within the Nordics and beyond. You always come across reactions like “Wooow” or similar.


6) What is the hardest part of being a manager / team leader in a company?
Hmm, this is a good question actually. Managing or Leading is basically setting up good principles and examples that people can easily recognize, understand, copy and follow, or better said set up foundation for well-established processes that bring control and stability in the business and great working environment. The hardest part, I guess is, how to translate the company’s overall ambitions and business targets to an everyday work for every individual in your team or organisations. All business is ROI and target-oriented. Sometimes it is challenging to make sure that everyone understands the big picture and pull their part of the weight. But with good communication of the basic core values: why, what, and when; it is something that is easily adjustable and something that I really enjoy doing in my everyday job.

7) Has there been anything that surprised you about working at Coordea?

Considering the size of the organisations as a unit, what surprised me at first was, how well coordinated and compatible employees are with one another in terms of teamwork, friendly atmosphere and cooperation.

8) Can you tell us a bit about your team?
Our sales team of 15 people located in Coordea offices in Tetovo and Skopje is servicing our Swedish clients with market research, prospecting, insight-sales and Key Account Management. It is a team that I am very proud to be a part of actually. A gathering of super-enthusiastic, ambitious, hardworking, fun to work and good-hearted people that makes my day as fulfilling as possible. You can only knock the moon by having a vision, ingenuity and people to do the work with.

9) What advice would you give a job seeker who’s thinking about applying for a job with us?
The thing that strikes me as odd when I talk with young generations about job opportunities and workplaces in our society, is when I come across comments like all workplaces are the same, there is nothing we can do really, and the amount of boundaries and grudges they expose themselves to…
The norms we set for ourselves start from us first, like back in the days when we were kids, and we used our parents as a driving force for our future well-being. So, Coordea can actually be a super cool parent of yours that can care and teach you the things you seek and need and step up your game of personal development and success.