Svetozar Bozhinoski Showcase

1) How did your Coordea journey start?
My journey with Coordea started in 2012. When my colleague from university Dushica and my friend Ivan, who was just started working as a graphic designer in Coordea, informed me that they have an open position at the company where they work and that I should consider sending a CV. I applied and went to the interview process but didn’t get the job. Two months passed and I started looking for another job. Then I received a phone call from Coordea, they asked me if I am still interested because they have new open position and will be happy if I can start from Monday. Almost eight years passed, and I am still here.


2) What inspired you to apply to Coordea?
Coordea was even then known for giving young people a chance without any practical experience, something that is very rare nowadays. I really liked the whole concept and that the work offered an international experience. I just finished my studies and I was eager to start working something connected with accounting, so this was a perfect opportunity. Also, the office was 100 meters from my home.

3) What is the hardest part of being a manager / team leader in a company?
When started I was lucky enough to be surrounded with people who believed, mentored me and being patient with me, helped me grow and develop through the past eight years. They provided me environment to make mistakes and learn from them. Getting this experience was crucial for me in my professional and private life.
The same support I received now should be provided to my colleagues. They want to have real guidance through coaching and giving feedback. Motivating them and creating an environment where they can express themselves and allow them to progress and develop. Meeting client’s deadlines and constantly improving the overall process of the accounting department. These are the hardest challenges that I have encountered. Going through these challenges at a very young age sometimes influences your confidence, social life and takes a lot of sacrifices. Learning how to respond to them help me grow and mature.

4) Can you tell us a bit about your team?
Everyone in the team contributes in creating a unique work atmosphere and openly express their opinion and ideas. We set our goals together and work our socks off to accomplish them. I feel honoured to work with a team full of ambitious people who continue to deliver excellent results. Looking them grow through the years with knowledge and maturity makes me very proud. I have learned a lot from them.

5) Give me a weird fact about yourself
When I was young, I played trumpet and considered continuing my education at the music academy.

6) What is your biggest accomplishment at Coordea that you’re most proud of?
I really can’t think of something individually but being part of young ambitious people who helped Coordea grow and be recognized as a young and innovative company is one of them. Another is everything that I learned throughout these past eight years. Also, my biggest accomplishment is that I’ve made some great new friends and met fantastic people.

7) Has there been anything that surprised you about working at Coordea?

What surprised me was the company culture. Unique set of values, expectations, and goals that define this culture. Work environment and atmosphere where everyone can contribute, learn, progress and get promoted. Taking care of employees’ wellbeing and offering support when is needed.

8) What is the most interesting thing about working at Coordea?
Every day is a new interesting challenge filled with new goals, projects, problems, client’s requests. For that reason, I look at every challenge as something interesting and positive, and not as just something that will stress me out. Traveling, meeting and working with people from different countries. Learning about their culture, economy and lifestyle.

9) Do you have any words of advice for aspiring Coordea future talent?
Your job and working environment have a big influence on your overall well-being, so find a job that makes you happy and love doing, where you will feel appreciated and your work will be meaningful. Open yourself for feedback both positive and negative. Learn how to react in both situations. Feedback will help you to understand where you need to improve and develop. Communicate and cooperate with people and be accountable for your actions.
At Coordea we try to provide the best possible conditions to our employees from well-equipped offices to a supportive working atmosphere. We help our employees to achieve their goals by offering training and development programs. If you want to gain international experience, learn and improve your English, Coordea is a perfect place for you to start or to continue your career.