Marina Bilbiloski Showcase

1) How did your Coordea story start?
By the end of 2011, I was looking for a job opportunity here in my hometown, Tetovo. At that time it was not easy, as only a few companies were hiring new employees. Also, I was without any experience because I graduated in September 2011 and finding a job at that period was very hard. Coordea was a brand-new company in our town and I had no idea what my daily tasks in one international company would be. Previously, I’ve had only 3 months experience in one accounting bureau, working with Macedonian clients only. But I was eager to learn something new to be faced with new challenges. I decided to leave the position as a trainee in that Macedonian accounting bureau and look forward to new opportunities in an international company.
This is my first job in my life, and I loved the job from day one. Dealing with Swedish customers combined with learning Swedish accounting rules and the very familiar atmosphere … Time flies! Now I’m almost eight years at Coordea and became one of the Team Leaders of the accounting department. Due to organizational changes and the fast growth of Coordea, my position became important and I took over the responsibilities for the Accounting department together with the other senior accountants. When I’ve started working in Coordea as an international accounting assistant, we were about 4 people and, now we have grown up to 80 spread across three locations and without an end in sight!
In closing of my career Coordea story, it may be said that I really like the daily challenges and career opportunities that this company can provide, and their motivated and enthusiastic employees in the working atmosphere which is particularly positive and fair.


2) What is the hardest part of being a manager?
The hardest part is always the balance!
In my opinion, everything is in the balance between having a satisfied customer and at the same time produce a well-performing team that is motivated and satisfied. Everyday tasks give you an opportunity to face a host of anticipated and unexpected challenges, deal with difficult situations and also find the right way how to help the whole team.
Being a young team leader is so much harder than it looks. But if you can find the right ‘’balance’’ in most of the situations, you are in a win-win position.


3) Can you tell us a bit about your team?
I really like the people in my team, they are very young as me when I started my career, but also, they are very eager to learn something new, and I really anticipate that. They support each other in every situation that they have, also they are very good organized and focused on the goals and results of the working agenda.

4) What is your biggest accomplishment at Coordea that you’re most proud of?
I think my biggest accomplishments are the knowledge and the experience that I got from working in Coordea. This experience showed me that prioritizing my time and staying focused on my goals is the key to success. In a way, the experience made me a better leader as well. Sharing all my knowledge and investing more in what my team produces, makes me very proud.


5) Give me a weird fact about yourself?
A couple of things get on my mind first when I start thinking about some weird facts about me. First, I try to pay attention to every single detail that I can. I think and overthink about almost everything. Also, I hate it when I see words with incorrect usage of uppercases and lowercases.


6) What are 3 benefits you’ve discovered about working here that you weren’t aware of when you started?
| Great knowledge about SE economy, SE accounting, and SE culture – Working with Swedish companies gives you an opportunity to learn a lot from many segments from one strong knowledge-based economy that is well integrated into global value chains, that ensures high standards of well-being, income, and gender equality, as well as high environmental quality to its inhabitants. Especially working with Swedish accounting standards and rules gives you a constant opportunity to learn new things and at the same time gives you an ability to perform financial reports, the basis for all financial management, both internally and externally. Since the accountants are often involved in several aspects of a company’s operations, chances are that you won’t get bored working in this profession.

| Sharing knowledge with SE experts in the accounting field – Whether they’re clients, co-workers, bosses, mentors or people you meet by chance at a random event, your accounting career will bring you to touch in with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. (That’s where a lot of the potential in your career comes from – think of the networking opportunities!) The relationships you build throughout your accounting career will play a big part in your personal and professional growth.

| Business trips – since business travel is about more than meeting new prospects, closing sales deals, giving presentations, and strengthening client relationships.
Traveling for business can open doors to places you would have never experienced before. I know that when you’re traveling for business, much of your time will be spent doing just that – business. However, carving out just a little time during each trip to experience the sights, sounds, and food – what a place has to offer can add so much to your trip! For me, the most surprising thing is that here you can easily collaborate with everyone in the company, including upper management too.
Also, everyone can manage all your projects and tasks in one place.

7) Has there been anything that surprised you about working at Coordea?                                                                                                                                                                                                      For me, the most surprising thing is that here you can easily collaborate with everyone in the company, including upper management too.
Also, everyone can manage all your projects and tasks in one place.

8) When you tell people about your job what’s one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do?
How is it possible someone from Macedonia to work remotely handled everyday tasks with companies from other countries and knows that much about their economy and their accounting rules, etc.

9) Do you have any words of advice for aspiring Coordea future talent?
The world is full of great ideas and opportunities, but success only comes through action. Walt Disney once said that the easiest way to get started is to quit talking and start doing. That’s true for your success as well. So always be proactive, be humble and be curious.
Some people want things to happen, some people wish things would happen and some people make things happen.