Are you bootstrapping digital marketing and why you should stop?

“Go digital or go home” is the message from Sarah Goodall, marketing specialist for B2B marketers with 18+ years’ experience in the tech industry.


Simply because the customer journey has changed, the conversion tunnel has been completely turned “upside down” (Figure 1).  Don’t believe my word, check the stats.

According to GE Capital Retail Bank’s Study, 81% of business research is done online and 84% of buying decisions are influenced by social media reviews.

“In B2B particularly, 60-90% of the buying process is complete before a vendor contacts a potential buyer, while 64% said the winning vendor’s content had a significant impact on their buying decision.”

Today, everyone recognizes the value of digital marketing (DM). But, if this is true, why so many companies fail to deliver results?

First, managers, usually owners of a small company, undermine the energy and time needed for digital marketing and try the DIY (do-it-yourself) way. Usually, there is no strategy in place; the managers do what they can, when they can. This type of ad-hoc digital marketing rarely, if never, gives results.


Simply because branding is not one-time thing, design is more than just a logo, while content creation without post engagement, lead nurturing and analytics is a dead end.

Second, managers recognize the need of human resources for driving the digital marketing, but instead of hiring an expert in the field, use existing resources. He/she divides the marketing tasks among existing employees which is nothing more than another dead end.

Before using the above bootstrapping strategies ask these questions:

  • Are those the right people for the challenge?
  • Do they have the right skills?
  • Do they have the time and energy to drive the digital change for your marketing?

79% of B2B marketers have reported that skills gap is the biggest challenge in DM teams, followed by lack of time.”

Digital marketing requires specific set of skills which often differ from the traditional marketing thinking. Moreover, marketing has become the most fast-changing field, and for that you need people who will be constantly up to date with new trends, apps and approaches. Additionally, don’t forget that the digital marketing space is very competitive and for that reason you need a team of people who will be constantly generating ideas to keep your company on the top.

Finding these people is the first obstacle. What can you do?

Spread your range, think creatively, act big.

Look beyond the borders of your company, city or country.

Take advantage of the emergence of the digital workforce.

Go digital all the way. HOW?

Create your own virtual team for your digital marketing efforts.

This way you get a fresh perspective for your marketing from an outsider who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Moreover, you are provided with the skills that in-house resources do not have or cannot provide. You also skip the learning curve when using the services of a company with previous experience in digital marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that digital marketing consist of various aspects, some have a strategic nature, while others are more tedious and repetitive than others.

The most optimal solution is to have one digital marketer who creates and overlooks the campaigns, while a virtual team implements them on daily basis. This way you keep control in-house, cut costs, and get fresh perspective, right skills and up to date knowledge.

Reach out, network and let’s collaborate.

I would love to talk about the endless possibilities of how we can help your business grow.