[INFOGRAPHIC] Virtual graphic design teams for more effective digital marketing

The Digital Economy has changed the way we exchange information and knowledge within organizations, promote our products and interact with our customers. Moreover, customers’ buying decisions are in great manner affected by online research and reviews, particularly on social media channels.

According to Google Consumer Surveys, 67% of buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and 84% of internet buyers refer to at least one social media for a review before making a buying decision. More importantly, information with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images and shoppers who view video are 1.841x more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

In other words, until the moment you reach out to your customers, they already know all about your product/service and your competitors. While you were perfecting your sales pitch, your customers were researching your company, products, services and maybe even your employees if you are in the service sector. Feeling intimidated?  Don’t ‘be! Take advantage of the new digital wave. The benefits are vast!

Empower your marketing department with highly-skilled graphic design team.

HOW? Scroll down the infographic and learn the benefits of hiring a virtual team for your marketing needs.