The Visual Aspect of Digital Marketing – more effective graphic design for higher impact

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This has never been more true, than in today’s digital marketing. Actually it is not digital marketing, but marketing in a digital economy.

Your presence, offline and more importantly online, is crucial for recognition of your brand, promotion of your products or services and conversion of leads.

And in a world of mass information, even though content is more and more pushed as the “king of digital”, nothing attracts more the eye than a good visual. In a world where people have short-attention spans, nothing delivers your business’ brand more effectively, than a professional image.

Did you know that people forget round 90% of what they read within only three days? But, if the information is accompanied with a high-quality visual, 65% of that information is preserved in the memory three days later.

Regardless whether you run a local shop, or a large company offering cutting-edge technology solutions you must brand your business. And remember, branding is not one-time thing. Graphic design is more than just a logo.

You need people who will be constantly generating ideas and creating graphics. WHY?

Because consistency is key. But, consistency is also costly and time-consuming.

What can you do?

Network, partner, collaborate.

“Don’t be a troll and try to do it alone!” – says SSON, the leader in shared services and outsourcing, in a recent paper on the potential of shared services in the Nordic region.

A bit harsh, you may think, but not far from the truth. Hesitate to take advantage of collaborative ways of working and you are out of the game. The competition is too intense; the pressure for cost savings is too high. And outsourcing is no longer the cheap, easy way out.

In the field of graphic design, outsourcing can provide significant support to your business. Even more, teams that are dedicated to working for you empower your business for higher impact of your design and message delivery.


We can agree on one thing. If you want your business to go forward you must primarily focus on your core functions, strategize and drive sales. But, your marketing must follow the same pace. And sometimes it can get too overwhelming. All of a sudden you caught yourself editing pictures and doing website updates at 2 am, and you still have not prepared for your morning meeting with a prospective client. Don’t be this person. You are smarter than that. Find the right company, team and person that will understand the vision of your company and deliver the message to your target audience while you are converting leads and closing sales.


Today’s collaborative technologies have enabled collaboration across borders and given rise to the new digital workforce. This has opened the doors to talent pool dispersed round the globe who can deliver results at much lower costs. According to PayScale, the average pay for a Graphic Designer is $43,192 per year. In comparison, the amount goes 3-4 times down in the region of South Eastern Europe (SEE). However, the real benefit starts when you begin your collaboration and tap into their creative talent. Keep on reading.

Quality improvements

Outsourcing companies that are offering graphic designed services are often niched to a specific task. This way, they have developed processes and techniques for generating ideas and are constantly up to date with preferences of their target market. Familiarity with the market trends delivers the message to your target audience with higher impact. Finally, the teamwork environment in these companies enables knowledge sharing for fast and efficient development of talent.


Yes, you read that right. Instead of spending hours in front of a computer designing a flyer, write a catchy headline or crop an image, simply send it to your outsourced GD team. You could reduce your stress by leaving the design aspect to a professional graphic designer. This way you can focus your time and resources on the core operations and areas that are of utmost importance for growth of your organizations.

It is time to catch up on your sleep and focus on on the core operations and areas that are of utmost importance for growth of your organizations.

Want to know how an outsourced graphic design team can empower your brand by producing more effective graphics on time, frequently without stressing out yourself?

Reach out, network and let’s collaborate.

I would love to talk about the endless possibilities of how we can help your business grow.