[INFOGRAPHIC] New ways of working in the Digital Economy

The increased use of internet together with mobile usage and the development of the cloud technologies have enabled the emergence of the digital economy. The goal is still the same: work as effective and efficient as possible, have an impeccable communication with your customers, create high-quality products and services, aim for high profit margins and always stay competitive!

However, the rules of the game have changed drastically.

Your competitor today is only a click away.
Customers’ buying decisions are in great manner affected by online research and reviews, particularly on social media channels.

And your workforce?

The good news: You are no longer confined to a single location for recruitment and training options. The interconnectedness of the digital economy has made it possible for the creation of global and highly innovative teams. Distributed teams have emerged as the new “rule of thumb” for success in the digital economy.

The bad news: Higher number of opportunities increases complexity and organizing your business in this digital realm has turned out to be challenging.

The following infographic provides facts about the digital economy and new ways of working which have proven successful in the digital economy.