What Coordea offers to its employees?

Outsourcing has shifted from cost-driven industry towards providing higher-value added services for clients. This can only be possible with the right team of people. What we need are driven, educated individuals who are able to work in cohesion within a team. We are looking for young, ambitious graduate with eagerness for constant learning.

At Coordea we try to motivate our employees by providing them with pleasant working environment and opportunities for further learning after their formal education.

Summer interns obtaining training at Coordea office
Training for professional growth

From the very start, new members in our accounting team undergo training which equips them with new knowledge in compliance with Swedish standards and procedures in F&A. This gives our employees an advantage over accountants familiar only with the accounting regulations on the domestic market and opens up many more opportunities for their future career path.

Freedom to express your creativity and ideas

We function as a flat organization where ideas are shared and discussed with everyone, not only at C-level. Employees working in marketing-oriented activities are encouraged to express their opinion about future projects or promotional strategies. This way every employee brings value to the company and his/her importance is acknowledged.

The Coordea Team at one of our employee’s wedding

Teamwork environment

Our company promotes teamwork where collaboration and communication are encouraged. The cohesion in the team reflects on the final results. For that reason, we organize team building activities at least twice a year, we share memorable moments celebrating our employees birthdays or other important days of their life.

Ivan winning “Best employee of the year” for Husse Central Office (Stockholm, Sweden)
Chance to work for international companies

We are working for companies from the Scandinavian market with focus on Sweden. However, many of our clients have world-wide operations which give our employees a chance to get familiar with regulations and protocols of doing international business.