B2B Relationship building in outsourcing

Relationships are the “make or break” in every business partnerships. Here I will talk about outsourcing partnerships drawing from the experience of my team. Nonetheless, the same advices are applicable in multiple situations for building effective B2B relationships with minor modifications. The importance is to set “the right scene”:

The right tone

In outsourcing projects, communication channels like skype, mail, IM among others are dominant in the communication process. However, technology does not always translate into effective communication (for more check my previous article: Technology IS NOT communication).

Bear in mind that there are still people on each end of the “wire”. Even when writing an email, make the message human, personal. But never cross the line! Be friendly, yet professional! Develop and train your emotional intelligence to know the difference!


The right speed

Experts in SSC industry say that often providers may push clients to adopt “the big bang” approach. Never force the change, especially if your client is outsourcing for the first time.

REMEMBER – outsourcing in its core is a change initiative for which it takes time to build trust and credibility for long-term relationship. This is the only way for a successful transformation which can open even greater opportunities for your business.


The right amount

According to the Virgin Group, the first basic rule for building B2B relationships is: “Before asking for something offer something!

Answer the questions which have not been asked yet!

However, we live in an information world, so do not overwhelm people with excessive information. Business people, especially on C-level are busy and do not have the time for long boring propositions. Avoid bragging about your products and services. Instead provide advice and help.

Also provide flexible and scalable solutions, do not force for signing big contracts from the beginning especially not when negotiating with a mid-sized company. Start small and gradually expand the project in regards to the scope and scale of services.