Coordea is a remote workforceservice provider with offices inSweden and Macedonia

Recognized for its unique Extended Office Model, strong leadership, commitment, talent pool, work ethics, and service quality, Coordea is a trusted remote workforce partner to a number of local, regional and global companies in Scandinavia. It focuses in providing high-quality professional remote workforce in economy, marketing, logistics, sales, customer support, design, and IT.

Expanding our client base across Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Opening more representative offices in Macedonia and the Balkans to support the expansion and serve the growing network of our clients in the Scandinavian market.

Our mission is constant improvement and enrichment of our talent, knowledge and expertise in driving value for each client by creating high quality remote workforce services through our strong and professional team, agile business model, and up to date technology utilisation.



Pursuit of excellence by constant improvement and pro-active diversification of our remote workforce services. Delivery and achievement of results with exceptional quality.


Careful selection together with consistent development and growth of our employees is an integral part of Coordea’s supportive and dynamic working environment through various career growth opportunities.


Diverse group of talented people with distinctive skills which combined together produce creative, optimal solutions for our clients. Selection of unique individuals with great team spirit.


Our partners recognize our experience leading to the creation of a hand-picked partnership network allowing us to manage small to midsized Swedish and Nordic company’s structures.


Transparent and effective communication with our clients facilitates in-depth understanding of their needs yielding in the creation of better tailored business services and solutions.


With flexible, agile responses to the changing environment and creative approach to addressing challenges on the market we ensure for on-time, effective and efficient answers to our clients’ needs.

Our Customers