I’d like to start my story with a fun fact about myself. When I was younger, I went to music school and played the accordion for 3 years. I still have the same accordion at home, but I don’t play it that often now.

Speaking of that, I started my journey at Coordea exactly 4 years ago. As it has been my first full-time job, I did not know what to expect when I joined. I had a few friends who already worked at the company that encouraged me to start working, which at the time gave me positive vibes about the company.

I always describe my journey as a fun rollercoaster ride. When I started, I joined as a Junior Accounting Assistant, and after only one year I was offered to start as a dedicated member at a completely new client. The pressure was big, but my drive to succeed was bigger. I am happy that I overcame the pressure because the work with the new client developed into a long-term relationship and even a friendship. The demand for services increased and due to our commitment, my team constantly grew.

Today, me and my team represent the accounting department for that same client, we take care of the in-house finances, but also provide services for their clients. The responsibilities start with onboarding, optimization of processes, expanding communication channels, and end up with daily accounting, reporting, salaries, annual reports, etc.

With this being said, today I am proud of my current position as a Senior International Accountant – Team Leader.

In my opinion, success can be achieved by reaching your goals, and once you have reached a goal, you set a new goal. This results in a constant learning and growth process.

Coordea helped me in my career development by investing in my knowledge and by giving me the possibility to implement my creative solutions for the working processes. The belief and support that the company provided were crucial in the progress, and I can proudly say that I was one of the youngest employees to onboard and develop long-term cooperation with a client and grow together with the dedicated team. My position as a team leader for a fully dedicated team requires me to be an all-around person with a lot of responsibilities that extend beyond the accounting work I do for the client.

On Coordea’s 10th anniversary, I was one of the colleagues who received an appreciation certificate. I was awarded for being the “Most exceptional aspiring senior”, and I could not feel better and prouder. Not only proud of myself, but also proud and happy to be working in such working culture, with endless possibilities of career growth, big support at every career stage, and all the efforts that the company is making to keep up with business trends. I almost forgot to mention the business trips to Sweden! They are such a great experience, and a chance to get closer to the Swedish culture and experience the Swedish lifestyle. I love them!

To future Coordea talents I would say, always give your best in whatever you do, adapt fast to your surroundings, and work smart!