We help companies grow their businesses with remote workforce

For almost a decade, we have been helping organisations to scale their businesses, increase their capabilities, enhance their customer experience, optimize internal processes, and reduce operational costs, by strengthening their workforce with remote talent working in our offices. Our Extended Office model helps organisations find the best remote workforce talent while maintaining constant engagement between teams, and effectively managing daily communication and processes. Whether you are a small, medium, or a big organisation, we help you find the right remote workforce to assist you in your journey ahead.

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We tailor your extended office or remote teams to function as a natural part of your organisation. We support in specific areas where you need to expand and develop. We provide you with a pool of young professionals from which you choose your own team.

Based on your preferences there are three ways of managing your remote teams.

Strengthen your workforce with remote talent

Coordea is a remote workforce service provider servicing cross industry organisations with multidomain remote front or back office functions. We service several clients, all with unique business needs. Here are some examples of functions and tasks that remote teams can help you boost your productivity today.


Accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable, financial statement preparation monthly, payroll services, daily deposit verification, cash and credit card reconciliation, business support and other administrative services.


Import/export custom clearance, coordination and monitoring supply chain operations, supplier/customer support, optimisation of procedures with logistics IT, article maintenance, order supervision, inventory management, logistics design.


Digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, digital advertising, google analytics, database management and expansion, inside sales, lead generation, prospecting, qualification, registration, account management, customer service.


Web, mobile & software development, database administration, QA and testing, ERP/CRM software support, network administration, system administration. E-commerce administration.


Product design, product and seasonal catalogues, magazines, corporate brochures, promo videos, animated videos, video editing, new ad design, web design, brochures, logos, social media banners, infographics, print design, marketing campaign designs.


Our clients help homeowners, and businesses to plan and design their dream spaces by offering professional consultation, design, planning, and supporting them along the way. Remote workforce with experience in  creating comprehensive digital 3D models, blueprints, technical support and project planning.

Who are our customers

Our customers are local, regional, and global companies focusing on long-term growth and productivity. As a business partner and an integral part of their businesses by providing dedicated teams and remote workforce servicing some of the most important core business processes, we enable our customers to optimize their operations, scale their organization, and elevate their brand to the next level.

OUR Remote Workforce selection process

Client request

Talent prospecting

Applicants screening and narrow-down selection

Client final selection